Idiot Jet Ski Bro Almost Gets Sucked Under Gigantic Cargo Ship

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Riding on the ski jet pretty much resembles riding the motorcycle. Body position, ...

Riding on the ski jet pretty much resembles riding the motorcycle. Body position, controls, even the danger are similar. Well, you should better take care of that last part, or you could get it just as this guy in this video.

You would think that with all the water and open space around it is hard to hit something or hurt yourself on the ski jet. Well, if you are dumb enough, you have high chances of successfully drowning yourself by mistake.

And I’m not necessarily talking about riding waves in the wrong way that can destabilize your machine and send you into a water. I’m referring to doing stupid stuff like trying to go high-five the huge cargo ship.

That’s right, the guy here probably has no clue about hydrodynamics and the forces generated near such the container ship.

Far from the distance, you would think the large vessel is just another ocean gentle giant and is almost inviting you to get the closer look.

Which this guy totally falls in for, pointing his ski jet towards the behemoth’s belly, giving it gas.

But as soon as he is close enough, the backwash of this boat pulls him in up to the point where he loses control of the ski jet, collides with the metal wall of the ship.

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