What An Idiot! Oulton Park Trackday – Crash

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The video below shows the potential pitfalls of taking your vehicle on track, as ...

The video below shows the potential pitfalls of taking your vehicle on track, as the Ford Fiesta camera car gets wiped out by the Clio carrying far too much speed through the corner.

Track days offer some of the biggest fun you can have in your vehicle. The track is the place to stretch your vehicle’s limits, and check out how well performance mods are working and enjoy the bit of banter with mates in other vehicles.

But as soon as someone starts breaking the rules, all hell can break loose. On a notorious Oulton Park bend, which the organisers had warned the day’s drivers about, the Renaultsport Clio 182 apparently driven by Captain Jean-Luc Picard attempting to achieve warp 9 smashes into a side of the camera vehicle, momentarily lifting the Clio onto two wheels. This impact kicks both cars off track.

The Fiesta camera vehicle is slowly moving back towards the inside of the track when a furiously-driven Clio appears.

Given that track days in the UK all seem to stipulate very clearly that overtaking on bends is not kosher, there is no excuse.

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