What An Idiot! Suzuki Dirt Bike Nosedive Into Mud POV!

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Off-roading is surely fun, and especially for those who are not afraid to take ...

Off-roading is surely fun, and especially for those who are not afraid to take some risks. And after all, there would be no true adventures if everything went according to the plan, things would just be nice and easy as if you watched the movie.

We should be leaving the risk of being injured out of this, after all we all are in the certain degree of danger each time we get on our bikes, aren’t we.

Though mishaps are quite common when straying off the beaten path, venturing in a vicinity of rivers and streams is always the major source of surprises, this is exactly what the guy in the video below learned.

When it comes to water, one of the nastiest things is that the rider can never be 100% certain of what hides beneath the wet surface.

Water can easily fill the deep pot hole and make it look like the inch-deep puddle, just like wet sand that looks pretty firm can in fact be the thin paste in which bike and biker sink effortlessly.

Some riders who are more careful use branches or stones to probe a surface ahead in similar situations, but at times, constantly stopping and checking the (off)road ahead cuts all the fun of a ride.

Obviously, just when people start believing that all is okay and they can charge ahead, and the terrain starts playing tricks ending up in sunken bikes, faceplants, wet clothes covered in the mud and tons of laughter, especially when only egos are hurt.

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