Incredible Cayman With 5.0 Coyote Swap You Need To Learn About

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TheSmokingTire just released quite an astonishing video – the one of the ...

TheSmokingTire just released quite an astonishing video – the one of the Porsche Cayman powered by a 425hp Coyote engine. No, we are not joking, this is a five liter engine slapped at the back of the Cayman and we are sure it is the first time anyone did this to a Porsche. Some may like it, the others won’t, but the fact is that this $100k build surely is one of a kind.

The car was revealed at the SEMA 2016 but it was built for a customer. Apparently, the customer went on track to catch some fun with his Porsche, but the engine blew up.

Then, when deciding what another engine to get in, he saw that Porsche engines cost a ton of money. Coyote, on the other hand, is only $14 grand. The decision was easy.

What is interesting is that the car got that awesome livery only Porsche and Ford cars wore. It is a simple contribution in harmonizing these two worlds. Nice.

Yes, the car is fast, it is loud, but it is exceptionally well built, has awesome balance and goes like hell. Good job for sure.

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