That Incredible Ferrari 458 V8-Swapped Toyota GT86 Just Won’t Quit Drifting

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Pro drifter Ryan Tuerck has come up with the interesting manner of getting around ...

Pro drifter Ryan Tuerck has come up with the interesting manner of getting around the Toyota GT86’s underpowered nature. Well, to be more precise, his Toyobaru now wears a GT4586 moniker and that is because the nose of the machine accommodates the Ferrari 458 motor.

We have talked about the Prancing Horse V8-animated GT86 since last year, the time has come to check out the machine doing its Formula Drift job. Thanks to the no-hood layout, the Fezza engine stands out like few other tech bits in the world of sliding.

Then there is the soundtrack – while we are certain that some Prancing Horse fans would like to finance the trip to hell for the man behind this swap, the 4.5-liter V8 is more of the heavenly piece.

The video below allows us to see Ryan delivering the few stunts in the GT4586 in Orlando, preparing for a second race of the season. It is worth noting that we are looking at an eight-event schedule here.

Following the Long Beach opener, this drifter managed to grab third place, behind James Deane and Alex Heilbrunn.

In case you’re wondering what would happen if somebody delivered a similar trick using a Ferrari 458. What motor could you use to fill the engine compartment of the Fezza?

Well, a Maranello V12 would be an attention-worthy choice and the best part of this answer is that you don’t have to turn to your imagination for portraying it.

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