Insane 1,100hp Honda S2000 With 2JZ Motor Is Insanity At Its Best

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Toyota Supra 2JZ engine is legendary. Ever since Toyota introduced it, it became ...

Toyota Supra 2JZ engine is legendary. Ever since Toyota introduced it, it became one of the most sought after engines in the world of tuning.

While the stock unit wasn’t exactly the most powerful or the best, the engine had so much tuning potential that the Supra cars with it became icons on the drag race meets and on the streets. It may be that this was the last pure and raw sporty engine on the “cheap” side of things.

Despite giving insane power ratings when tuned correctly, the engine is perfectly suited for all kind of swaps. Thus we have seen it in numerous muscle cars, European cars or even in some Japanese small sports cars.

Now, however, the engine found its way under the bonnet of the Honda S2000. True, the Honda S2000 had its fair share of tuning shenanigans, but this one is quite special. Please enjoy the insanity of the 1,100 hp Honda S2000 thanks to a specially prepared 2JZ engine.

As 1320video noted under the video, the S2K will forever remain one of the most INSANE street-racing machines in our book.

The machine was captured on film at the Texas Streets EVADE. Worth watching for sure.

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