Insane 1956 Chevy Truck With Compound Turbo Diesel Kicks Ass

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

1956 Chevrolet truck is not exactly the first vehicle one would think of when talking about a diesel swap, now is it? An LSx engine could fit in there beautifully giving the old truck power levels never thought possible.

Filmed at the Ozark Raceway Park, this particular 1956 Chevy truck has the most fascinating and the most astonishing piece of diesel fit to it – compound turbo diesel. Not many of setups like these are out there.

Specially prepped for drag racing this badass machine really has some proper power to show off. However, it does give out clouds of black smoke directly from behind the turbine.

After all, oil is not the cleanest thing to combust but people love the thing on the drag strip. Diesel engines give out so much torque they definitely matter a lot at the strip.