Insane 3000hp 67′ HELLEANOR Mustang Proves The World Went Nutz

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Building a proper drag racing Mustang is a whole lot of work, especially when the ...

Building a proper drag racing Mustang is a whole lot of work, especially when the base car is actually a freaking barn find. This is the Helleanor – a massively fast 1967 ‘Stang with exceptional street cred. The story goes something like this.

Its original owner actually found it in the barn and, naturally, wanted to do a whole restoration, but instead of restoration he got a divorce with his wife. New owner saw the chance, bought the car and immediately started looking for ways to transform it into a magnificent piece of street art.

First, of, the car received a 402 small block engine. Then, he garnished it with Twin Turbo setup with turbochargers 86mm and 85 mm from Precision. With a whole lot of work, he made it work with 3000hp. The car still has a steel body, but it was lightened the right way. It weighs in at 2800 lbs (down from 3280lbs it had in 2015).

With massive tires, a whole lot of power and a keen driver, the Helleanor runs in 4’s. The video here will demonstrate just how fast and brutal this thing is with all that power under the hood.

67′ HELLEANOR Mustang is actually still in its development stage. The owner said it can give out even more power. How much you may ask!? Well, he says 1,500hp. Wow.

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