Insane 900hp Challenger Tries Its Luck Against Model S P100D

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We have seen a multitude of drag races with the Tesla Model S. The car really is a ...

We have seen a multitude of drag races with the Tesla Model S. The car really is a blast of acceleration and we are not even questioning the name of the mode which grants the car the furious acceleration. What we like to see most of all is the fight with the proper American muscle cars. Sure, the Tesla Model S P100D should and is faster than any one of the stock, but in this instance we are seeing it race against the 900hp Challenger Hellcat.

After an ECU remap and a pulley upgrade, the owner of the Hellcat even used ProStreet Drag Radial tires to put down as much power as possible. This surely is far more superior Challenger than the stock one, but the question remains – is it quick enough to win against the world’s quickest production electric car!?

Drag racing is not all about power and straight line speed. There is a lot of finesse every driver has to have to make the most of the drag pull. Here, reaction times are crucial, just the right throttle input is of the utmost importance and subtle steering correcting the trajectory is dangerous.

In that regard, the Tesla Model S P100 D has an edge as it is a four wheel drive car which gets all the torque possible the very instant the driver pushes the throttle.

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