Insane Blown Collection Includes Twin Turbocharged, Supercharged & Nitrous ‘69 Camaro

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1320video has us going mad after the release of the magnificent video showing cars ...

1320video has us going mad after the release of the magnificent video showing cars with insanely boosted engines. These are the units from the Blown Mafia collection and they are simply fantastic. Now imagine a ‘69 Camaro with twin turbochargers, a supercharger, and a nitrous.

The thing in here works like crazy and we cannot even imagine how fast is it.

The most amazing thing about the Camaro is that it actually works. With all the boost, the engine has 468cu capacity and it drives on the streets as well.

Apart from the mind-boggling Camaro, this guy has some other badass builds including the twin blower truck, twin turbocharged truck and a sick, weird looking dragster. We cannot even imagine how much power all these cars can develop, but believe us – it’s huge.

The dragster is definitely one of the most interesting of all showcased. It’s long, has a centrally positioned cabin by Ford.
With a 19 inch cage inside and low weight, this dragster can pull 4.60 at a drag strip.

It’s that fast and insanely loud. This guy from the Blown Mafia even has a massive Kenworth truck with a special trailer. He transports all his toys in it and boy does it look fantastic.

We are also curious about what the heck this guy is doing in his life. Yet, don’t think about it, just enjoy the rides.

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