Insane Custom Suspension Will Make You Drive Over The Cars

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We have seen a number of incredible ideas to make our cars ride better. Thanks to ...

We have seen a number of incredible ideas to make our cars ride better. Thanks to our ingenuity we have awesome suspension systems, fantastic ideas to mod the cars, but it seems there is always someone who can think of more and do more. This is one of those occasions. Watch this hydraulic high-traffic clearing SUV.

It’s apparently mated with cool suspension system which, with a touch of a button dramatically increase the clearance at more than two meters making this Jeep capable of riding over cars. Sure, you think this is only a freaking CGI here.

Well, it isn’t, it’s true. This exist. Built for Verizon to promote their OBD Communication gear, the Hum looks and feels amazing. But, it’s quite ungainly too. It weighs in at 8,500 lbs and that is huge.

It seems that Hum uses Honda power generator, a whole lot of hydraulics and totally custom suspension. Plus, a series of cameras do keep it all in place making it all work as every millimeter can be crucial.

Cool or not, you decide!?

In short, Hum Rider reported this on YouTube – “Stuck in a traffic jam? Hum Rider is here to help. With the push of a button, Hum Rider widens and elevates and lets you drive over cars in front of you. Problem solved.”

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