Insane Lambo Huracan Reached 250 mph In Just Half a Mile

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Well, this is a big one. A few weeks ago, Lambo Huracan tuned by Underground ...

Well, this is a big one. A few weeks ago, Lambo Huracan tuned by Underground Racing did the unthinkable and reached almost 240 mph in just half a mile. This time though, we have something much more amazing.

Underground Racing set the other Huracan to tackle the half-mile course. And the record has been shattered to pieces. You are looking here at 2,300+hp Lamborghini Huracan that reached an amazing 250 mph in a half-mile competition.

To put that into perspective, let us just say that 250 mph is only a few mph short of Bugatti Veyron top speed. And this Huracan achieved such insane speeds in only 15 seconds. If you look through the cheap new car sales brochures you may find out that some cars are not even capable of reaching 60 mph in such a short time.

So, here is the video of the fascinating Huracan smashing through the 250 mph barrier. Can’t wait to see somebody else trying to reach such incredible speeds. Alpha Performance Nissan GT-R could be the one to do something similar, but we will have to wait.

The car in question is owned by the Kuwait-based drag965 racing team, the Lambo was manhandled down the track by Gidi Chamdi. The name of the driver is of particular importance since we’re talking about the aficionado who owns the world’s first six-second Nissan GT-R.

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