Insane Land Rover Defender SVX Is A Stuntman More Than A Movie Star

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The automakers with their own in-house customs tuning shops always have cool names ...

The automakers with their own in-house customs tuning shops always have cool names for these divisions. McLaren calls theirs McLaren Special Operations and the Aston Martin uses the Q name without apologizing to Ian Fleming for stealing it from James Bond series.

However Jaguar Land Rover has its own Special Vehicle Operations, when it was tasked with building the world’s most badass snowmobile, and it made the Land Rover Defender SVX.

Okay, so maybe the order wasn’t exactly for the most badass snowmobile, whatever the cause, badass snowmobile was the effect.

As it is built for a snow, it features tires that are bolted to the rim, and allowing them to function with unconventionally low air pressures stashed inside.

Unluckily, chances of owning one are incredibly low given that all of them have either found collectors garages, and are being used as show cars, or have crashed.

Fortunately one of those collectors is Harry Metcalfe of Evo magazine, and as the automotive journalist, he wants nothing more than to share the SVX with the rest of the car-loving world. So, watch as Metcalfe takes us for the wild ride that is the day in the life of the Defender SVX owner.

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