Insane LS Powered Datsun 240Z Does Wonders On Drag Strip

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This is the perfect import – with an all-American V8. This 240 has an LS ...

This is the perfect import – with an all-American V8. This 240 has an LS with a GT55 massive turbo. The owner said the whole car is welded steel and it can put down so much power it’ll pass the drag strip in 8.5 seconds.

This particular Datsun 240z TURBO is a mean street machine which can do even faster passes. Due to some restrictions the machine was capped at 8.5-second passes, but the owner said she could do 7’s all day long.

What is cool is that the car had to be driven to every drag strip without a trailer. This definitely gives a lot of cred to the driver. Also, this particular build was part of MotorTrend Roadkill episode. Now, however, we can see it in raw action hitting astonishing speeds in the process.

Trap speed at the end of the run was close to 150 mph. Then, the owner left the wheelie bar out and wheelies ensued. Unfortunately, the car suffered a minor setback when the suspension broke after touching down. However, people are kind at this kind of events.

Everything was hooked up in a matter of hours and the 240z Datsun was ready for more.

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