Insanity Level Of This Car Is Probably Too Much Your Eyes Can Handle

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This ride may look weird but it’s a build so unique and different ...

This ride may look weird but it’s a build so unique and different it’ll leave you speechlessly amazed and shocked. It’s a dune buggy-like creation called the Valyrian Steel and it’s a rolling combination of engineering and art only the soulless won’t probably admire.

The intricacy and sophistication of this car’s design are what makes it a crowd magnet. The amount of creativity, imagination and hard work put out to finish this crazy ride is amazing. The team from Las Vegas that built it actually spent more than 2,000 man hours for an owner who wants a car something unique and artful. It’s 27 feet long and features several moving pieces including the watch-inspired kinetic sculpture on the rear end. The body and form make it look like a Mad Max machine while its tires seem like taken from a Batmobile. It’s inspired from the TV show Game of Thrones which featured the fictitious metal where it got its name.

This car features a circular cockpit able to accommodate up to five people. The front row has three seats with a welded sword at the back while back row has two seats. Definitely an opposite of what usual cars offer with the driver seat being in the middle of the front row.

This car does move too and is propelled by a 5.0 Ford Coyote motor placed just behind the back row.

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