Instant Weight Reduction: Race Car Loses Door At 280 Km/h

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

When you are lapping the Nurburgring using a race-prepped E46 BMW M3 with the ...

When you are lapping the Nurburgring using a race-prepped E46 BMW M3 with the raised helmet visor, a lot of things are going through your head.

The most surprising one of them could be a sudden wind entering the cabin due to one of the doors flying off the vehicle. The intro might sound like a poor attempt at humor, but, in fact, it perfectly describes the action that took place in the video below.

We’re dealing with an M3 that’s been given the full racecar treatment, with a Bimmer losing its left door while playing the Green Hell game. As if this wasn’t enough, a door decides to say goodbye while the BMW was doing around 170 mph.

Run by a team dubbed Setra Motorsport, this E46 BMW M3, which mixes its supercharger with the manual gearbox, has seen tons and tons of track action over the years, whether on the Nurburgring or on other tracks.

Come to think of it, such a move might bring a weight reduction advantage, but since we are talking about a circuit animal, enough of the door’s weight had already been removed, and the thing would probably be better off staying on a car.

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