Intense Moment Brooklyn Police Arrest Man After High Speed Chase

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Shocking footage has emerged of the moment the man was chased down and ultimately ...

Shocking footage has emerged of the moment the man was chased down and ultimately arrested after fleeing police.

On Friday afternoon last week, the police officer pulled over 34-year-old Thomas LaForce with warrants out for his arrest.

This officer’s body camera shows him telling LaForce to exit the car before LaForce decides to speed away, dragging the officer briefly along the road.

Multiple police units soon began chasing Thomas LaForce before one of the officer’s performed the PIT maneuver by ramming into the back of the people carrier, and sending it sliding and crashing into oncoming traffic.

This van flips on its side and police proceed to smash through a windshield before ultimately pulling LaForce from the vehicle and arresting him.

The suspect and two officers were treated for the minor injuries and Thomas LaForce is now facing multiple charges.

There are some incredibly questionable decisions by the officer in the video below. Interrogating the guy so harshly while he is still behind the wheel of the vehicle? Why not just ask him to step out or be clever and make up some other reason?

It may not work and if it did all he would be able to do is run on foot. Also, why pit the man when there is clearly on coming traffic and pit him in a way where the car is likely to swerve into said on coming traffic?

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