This International Harvester Truck Is A Flame-Throwing Burnout Monster!

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Here’s a killer truck that’ll probably leave you intimidated at first ...

Here’s a killer truck that’ll probably leave you intimidated at first sight with how cool and different it is. It’s an International Harvester truck that’s not only a unique tow pig but an awesome flame-throwing burnout machine as well.

This IH truck is rugged and sturdy with everything in metal paired with some huge rear wheels. It’s slammed to the ground and the stance is just perfect. And what makes it even more badass is it’s equipped with flame throwers sure to jump scare any spectator within the area. I guess this bad boy pulling up right next to you in a stoplight will be a mix of scare and amazement especially if it starts throwing some flames. It has air ride and triple stacks coming out of the hood too to add to the already awesome list of features.

The inside of this huge rig is simple and straight without the unnecessary embellishment. Well, the setup and the ambiance is tailored to match the theme the exterior wears.

The thing under the hood sure is not left out with it fitted with a 5.9L 12v Cummins engine.

Check out the rest of this cool concept hot rod with the video given below.

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