Isn’t This The Coolest Volkswagen Bus You’ve Ever Seen?

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The Volkswagen Bus is known as the ultimate party vehicle on the 1960’s, and ...

The Volkswagen Bus is known as the ultimate party vehicle on the 1960’s, and you can bet that these buses saw plenty of wild action during the hippie era. With that in mind, it’s no wonder why they have kept the iconic status till this day. Still, the one you’re about to see definitely stands out from the crowd.

From the outside, it looks perfectly ordinary, but after you take a look at the interior, you jaw will be glued to the floor! Coming out of the factory, this behemoth was slow as a snail, sporting only a tiny 36 horsepower engine, but after going through a 6-week transformation, this one right here has become truly insane!

It now sports a big block Chevy, coupled with a nice dose of nitrous for some extra kick! Isn’t that the craziest thing you’ve sever seen? Additionally, the owner claims he found the engine in a boat, and that he now uses it as his daily driver! He drove it to South Georgia Motorsports Parkway, and it’s safe to say that boys fell in love with it! So will you after checking it out, we guarantee it!

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