Only In Israel! Thieves Steal A Woman’s Car In Seconds In Israel

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Obviously these sly vehicle thieves in Israel do not need any special skills or ...

Obviously these sly vehicle thieves in Israel do not need any special skills or technology to do the car theft, but only the brazenly created tactic.

This bunch of cowards decided to perform the vicious deed on an innocent woman. Of course, they picked the woman to be the misfortunate victim of their devilish scam.

The video below shows an insolent car theft that took place in the city of Jaffa, Israel all in less than the minute. The black vehicle of the criminal gang was tapping the car which stopped on the road.

The female driver got out of the white vehicle and heads for the car that caused the accident. But very soon she found out that her move proved to be the fatal mistake.

It appears that this was exactly the plan of the thieves. The lady barely made the few steps away, while the masked gang member in between runs to her vehicle from behind and vanishes stealing the car away.

Once she noticed the thieve getting inside her vehicle she tried running toward him, but it was all futile. In only few seconds he was gone with the vehicle. The black vehicle that tapped her also drove away leaving the unfortunate lady in the helpless situation.

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