Italian Driver Blitzed Through The Dangerous Chinese Road With A Ferrari

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Italian cars have a soul. They simply do. Especially Ferrari. It has a soul of a ...

Italian cars have a soul. They simply do. Especially Ferrari. It has a soul of a god for certain. It is hard to imagine a better car to take on a mountain pass. Ever since Enzo started producing its red prancing horses the world has been enchanted and now we have the chance to see a man enjoy a blitz drive with one of the best Ferrari cars of all time – the 458 Italia. It is the last mid-engined naturally aspirated Ferrari. Remember, the 488 GTB which succeeded it came with the 3.9-liter twin turbocharged V8.

This time, we can see a mighty 458 Italia taking on the Heaven-Linking Avenue challenge in China. Behind the wheel is an Italian racing driver Fabio Barone Mihaela who tackled one of the most challenging and most dangerous roads in China. Officially named the Tianmenshan Mountain Road, the road was built by the Chinese from 1998 and finished in 2006. The 571hp car had to tackle 99 turns on 6.8 miles long stretch of road.

You may found it short but do not forget that this road also climbs 3600 feet in height. Barone blitzed it with the Ferrari in 10 minutes and 31 seconds showing the world that this pass is as challenging as the Pikes Peak or any other insane Hill Climb.

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