Jay Leno Gathers The Greatest Ferrari Models EVER On One Track

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The last time we saw the Ferrari’s specials was great, if not for the fact ...

The last time we saw the Ferrari’s specials was great, if not for the fact that a latest model was missing. Not that we were complaining, and it would be nice to have the LaFerrari along, too.

Trust Jay Leno to bring all five together at the same place. The place being the racetrack, no less. No all Ferrari owners are treating them as garage queens.

Well, David Lee, who happens to own all five of them, for one is more than happy to drive them. And he doesn’t mind bringing them to a track and, in his own words, trail the other four in a 288 GTO and have the great view, either.

So, apart from the aforementioned GTO, and there are the iconic F40, the misunderstood (at least at the time of its launch) F50, a named-after-the-brand-founder Enzo and the hybrid, new-age, 950 horsepower LaFerrari.

All five in red, of course, all five fabulously outrageous and representing the pinnacle of Maranello’s engineering for the past three decades.

I wonder if David Lee realizes that Jay hates Ferraris. David Lee is known to attack any Ferrari haters. Jay Leno owns like 300 cars and ZERO Ferraris due to their snobbery.

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