Jay Leno Takes A Cruise in David Spade’s 1987 Buick Grand National

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David Spade and Jay Leno both started off as comedians back in the day. Fast ...

David Spade and Jay Leno both started off as comedians back in the day. Fast forward 30 years till present time, and their careers went in two totally opposite directions. While one became a famous actor, the other was a bigger-than-life talk show host. Still, there is one thing that still connects these two gentlemen, their love for cars.

While Jay Leno is a well-known gear head, a lot of people might not be aware that the same goes for David Spade as well. The ride he owns these days is this gorgeous 1987 Buick Grand National. It is funny just how much the Buick cars fly under the radar. Just take a single look at this beauty. Doesn’t it look jaw-dropping? This isn’t a car for everybody, though. It won’t blown anyone away with it’s stying, as it is quite simple, and the ladies won’t go crazy about it, but it is a ride you can genuinely fall in love with. How come? Perhaps it is because it’s just bad to the bone, especially in all black. Pretty fast as well, I might add.

Now, you might be wondering why David Spade would own such a ride, and trust me, I do as well, as he doesn’t fit the bill. Still, it is what it is. He is probably a lot cooler than we initially thought. And this car helps with that. A lot!

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