Jeep Renegade Lifts Its Tail Under Heavy Braking And That Is Not Good

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Jeep Renegade has one rather strange capability – to lift its back wheels ...

Jeep Renegade has one rather strange capability – to lift its back wheels when braking hard. No, really, it can do that. But, it shouldn’t. This is, unofficially, a flaw in its design. Some of the models sold previously in the US have done this, but Jeep updated something and Renegades stopped doing it. On the other hand, the European one, as shown here, can do it too. This is a test made in Spain where a journalist notices something strange when braking hard with the Renegade.

Apparently, he felt something is not all right when braking, but did not have the chance to prove it. Now, with the camera turned on, he repeated the hard-braking test and the results are quite worrying. Some older cars had a tendency to lift their back under heavy braking.

The Renegade is quite a light car with much of the weight up front, especially on the FWD cars. This one is a diesel powered machine and the engine is slightly heavier than the petrol one.

“The body leaned forward, nothing strange, it was expected. But he [the car] continued to lean and reached a point where the sky disappeared from my horizon. All I saw was asphalt and asphalt, moving quickly before my eyes. Despite this, I kept stepping on the pedal with all my strength. I had the feeling that the rear wheels were in the air, which surprised me to not feel any blow when they returned to their site [the road].”

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