Jeremy, Richard And James Just Did What They Do The Best

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How would you explain an all-new car show? Well, we are certain some PR agency ...

How would you explain an all-new car show? Well, we are certain some PR agency could figure out all sorts of right-to-say stuff to be politically correct, not too funny and facts filled. Yet, that kind of stuff usually ends up boring.

So, what The Grand Tour decided to do is totally different. They just rounded up three men best known for their epic funny attitude towards life and let them talk about the show. You know what, they did not present it because they did not know how. And you know what!? It worked.

We cannot wait for them to hit the screens and honor us with their unchained humor, classic British sarcasm and astonishing driving skills.

They basically mock around trying to tell us what the show is all about, but as they comment, their phrasing and long words, it is actually safer to assume they are just mocking PR agencies who come up with all sorts of stuff trying to be scientifically perfect as possible. This is better really.

All in all, The Grand Tour will be on shortly and we will be able to enjoy a proper funny car show once again. First episode spoiler – it’ll feature a Porsche 918 Spyder, a Ferrari LaFerrari and a McLaren P1.

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