A Jet Powered Car Outrunning An Plane? Is That Even Possible? Watch This Vid!

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Is it really possible for a land vehicle to outrun a aeroplane? Well, it is indeed ...

Is it really possible for a land vehicle to outrun a aeroplane? Well, it is indeed seemingly impossible unless a car is powered by a Jet engine that is capable of generating tremenbdour horsepower with a top speed reaching up to an astounding 375 miles per hour! A Vehicle outrunning an Aeroplane? Is that even possible? Well, this Flash Fire Chevy can prove you that it has the speed you can barely imagine to outrun an aeroplne. This rocket-propelled Chevy is built by Neal Darnell powered by a Pratt and Whitney engine from a US Navy trainer jet called the T-2 Buckeye. As a result, the car can generate an astonishing 12,000 horsepower and a top speed of almost 400mph. With this additional rocket power the Chevy is able to accelerate from 0-60 in 1.5 seconds – exerting up to G-Force 6 on the driver. It can easily hit 350mph and has reached a top recorded speed of 375mph at airshows, where it impresses the crowds by catching up with light aeroplanes flying a few metres above. Check this Jet Powered Chevy in action below!

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