John Hennessey Test Drivers Astonishing HPE1000 Corvette Z06

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Wanna see the test drive of the most amazing ‘Vette of today!? Well, this is the ...

Wanna see the test drive of the most amazing ‘Vette of today!? Well, this is the 2016 Corvette Z06 tuned by Hennessey Performance. And not only that, it’s a video where John Hennessey himself tests the car on the track.

“It’s terribly fast car”, John says. This one comes with HPW 1000 tuning package, but even more importantly, it has a magnificent Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires. The thing about them is that they do not really work if not heated up correctly. So, he had to do it because “this car would spin the tires at 100 mph”. Imagine that.

John really did work the car on the track and accelerated a whole lot of time releasing the sound of gods.

This particular car is for the customer and John went out to test it before delivery. It’s actually an eight 1000hp Z06 they produced and according to him, it’ll do a quarter of a mile pass in less than 10.5 seconds. However, Hennessey did say it’ll probably be faster even compared to the hypercar Porsche 918 Spyder in a drag race.

Regardless, the Z06 with HPE1000 pack is a magnificent bang for buck value. It’s basically hypercar performance for luxury car money. Amazing.

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