Judge Holds Back Giggles After Woman Fined For Parking 2 Seconds Too Early

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A judge has shown mercy and revealed his funny side when letting the driver off a ...

A judge has shown mercy and revealed his funny side when letting the driver off a parking ticket she was issued. Chief Judge Frank Caprio from the television program Caught In Providence, was faced with a woman who was issued the parking ticket two seconds before being permitted to park her car.

Big joke stealing money from people for parking their vehicle. In court, Judge Caprio said Sarah you have one ticket on Cushing Street, no parking 8 to 10, you were there at, oh no…

I think it was issued at 9.59… and 58 seconds. You can’t park there until 10 o’clock. And you violated city ordinances, he said with the smirk on his face.

The woman fined couldn’t contain her laughter as the Judge sarcastically mentioned that she had taken the wrong path in life to which she responded My vehicle clock said 10!

Judge Caprio ultimately dismissed the case saying that 9:59 was close enough to 10.

Yeah this is funny and all but that cop literally wasted everyone’s time. Does he not have better things to do?

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