Juke Uses Onboard Cameras To Set World-First ’Blind’ J-Turn Record

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Driving the car without seeing anything out the window seems to be the latest ...

Driving the car without seeing anything out the window seems to be the latest trend in the automakers’ marketing departments.

Alfa Romeo have done it, by setting the new lap record on the Nurburgring with the Giulia, Seat have invited people to take the Ateca for the spin relying solely on its cameras, now Nissan has joined the list.

Stuntman Paul Swift was tasked with making the J-turn with all the windows blacked out, using only the four exterior cameras of Intelligent Around View Monitor (AVM) system.

Looking at the 360-degree view on the dashboard screen – and rather than over my shoulder through the rear window – was strange at first, and I quickly adjusted.

The AVM cameras gave me the clear view of the track so I was confident of staying within the lines, the stuntman said. So, I don’t recommend drivers try to park using AVM and the J-turn like I did, I can really see how using the AVM technology in everyday driving situations would be the real benefit to Nissan customers.”

Nissan’s latest challenge comes more than a year after the Juke managed to set the fastest mile on two wheels, during the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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