They Jump Started A Car Using Two Freaking AK-47’s

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Jump starting a car is not exactly rocket science. It can be done in almost any ...

Jump starting a car is not exactly rocket science. It can be done in almost any situation with only a handful of tools. But, what when the cables are not around.

One can use some electrical conductor – like a piece of metal or something. But when you are in the Middle East and you have to jump start a car, the solution has to be one and one only. Use an AK-47!

No, we are not joking. Watch the video and see two quite handy AK-47’s serving as electrical conductors. With a bit of wire, these guns were easily enough for a charge to pass from one car battery to another making a start possible.

We only hope they removed the bullets from the guns for the time being. Who knows what would happen.

Do not think this is a fake. Remember, we are in the Middle East here and people there usually, have to make with what they have.

Unfortunately, the AK-47 is usually the only thing they have. If you listen closely, you can hear the combustion process starting after the successful jump start. All in all, do not try this at home, ever. The AK-47’s are for shooting and not for conducting electrical charge in any shape or form.

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