Keanu Reeves’ Motorcycle Company Built Its First $80,000 Bike!

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Keanu Reeves is already considered to be a legendary actor with roles in epic ...

Keanu Reeves is already considered to be a legendary actor with roles in epic movies such as Matrix and John Wick, where his characters were usually pretty badass. Well, as it turns out, this gentleman isn’t only awesome on the silver screen, but he’s an interesting cat in real life too.

A couple of years ago, Keanu teemed up with Gard Hollinger with a plan to create a motorcycle company. After a lot of hard work, their first bike finally saw the light of day, and judging by the first impressions, it’s gonna be an absolute beauty.

The price for this piece of engineering brilliance stands at rather hefty $80,000! Naturally, our old acquaintance and huge automotive enthusiast Jay Leno simply had to find out more about this bike. Powered by a Harley-Davidson “clone” motor, with a massive 5 gallon gas tank, this motorcycle is built to ride long distances, and to do so with style.

Special attention goes into fabrication, where every single component is tested to its very limits, guaranteeing high quality. One could claim that Arch is the motorcycle version of Pagani or Bugatti. What are your thoughts on this machine?

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