Ken Block Makes A Pit Stop At The Hoonigan Garage With New Raptor

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Ken Block is no stranger to a Ford Motor Company. After all, his 9-to-5 job is to ...

Ken Block is no stranger to a Ford Motor Company. After all, his 9-to-5 job is to race the rallycross-prepped Focus RS RX. And his relationship with Ford goes even further, having helped this automaker show off the capability of this brutish F-150 Raptor.

Developed with the sole purpose of being the best off-road pickup in a light-duty segment, the F-150 Raptor was demonstrated by the professional rally driver the couple of times now.

To the point, once in the inhospitality of winter, and the second time at the Dumont Dunes right outside Death Valley.

On this occasion, however, Mr. Hoonigan put his very own workhorse to a test. Right in front of The Hoonigans’ Donut Garage, Ken Block came to the conclusion that Toyo’s chunky off-road tires are perfect for the smoke show.

The only problem with pulling the monster burnout in the vehicle as heavy as the F-150 Raptor is, the tread will wear out in no time. And Ken’s kids show the extent of the wear after collecting a rubber that tore off during the burnout.

Bearing in mind the set of two Open Country A/T IIs costs something like 600 bucks sans shipping, it is also pretty damn expensive to light the rears up in the thick cloud of smoke.

Still, kudos to Ken Block for proving that the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor is capable of doing exactly that… and for entertaining us.

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