Kitten Rescue On Russian Highway After Too Many Narrow Misses

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

We all appreciate the feel-good stories from time to time, this kitten getting ...

We all appreciate the feel-good stories from time to time, this kitten getting rescued by the driver in Russia, definitely, counts as one.

The video below starts off with the kitten getting spun around the motorway by the Audi Q7 that just past over it, followed by the series of kind and attentive drivers that manage to avoid running it over. Basically, all the drivers who had to avoid hitting a little feline did so, and even if the person behind the wheel of that Nissan around 6-second mark was definitely too close for comfort.

How that kitten ended up in the middle such a busy road remains the mystery, but thankfully, towards the end of the security camera footage, you will see a man pull over and carry the injured animal inside his vehicle, hopefully taking him to a vet.

One general issue is that kittens that aren’t looked after properly, and often make their way to dangerous places, as some even end up underneath cars where they can easily get stuck.

I didn’t know watching that would make me feel so good! God bless this guy risking his life to save a little kitten.

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That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.