Did You Know That AWD And 4WD Are Two Separate Systems?

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For years, people have been debating what’s better, an all-wheel drive ...

For years, people have been debating what’s better, an all-wheel drive system, or rear wheel drive one. Individuals who value performances above everything else will generally stick to the first option, while people searching for the ultimate driving sensation will naturally lean towards the later mentioned.

However, did you know that AWD is not the same as 4wd? Nope, we are not only talking about the insane Mercedes 6×6 G Wagon here either. Alex from Car Throttle is here today to explain the subtle differences between the two, by using science!

There is no need to worry, though, as he always keeps in short and simple. To simplify it even further, all wheel drive cars tend to use front and rear torque split, thus sending the most power to the wheel which offers most traction. Without it, all power would go to the wheel which spins in place, and we’ll get nowhere fast.

On the contrary, 4wd cars are usually more off-road capable but fail to deliver the same performances once on it. To check out the full explanation, click on the video below.

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