Koenigsegg Carbon Fiber Wheels Are An Amazing Piece of Design

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Koenigsegg does not do anything like all other car manufacturers. They are ...

Koenigsegg does not do anything like all other car manufacturers. They are producing almost every part of their cars and they do it the best way possible. Here, we can see all the details that went into the building of only one carbon fiber wheel for a car. Christian von Koenigsegg himself walks us through the process and it is quite an impressive story to tell.

As it turns out, the new carbon fiber wheels that Koenigsegg crafted for the Regera are far more superior than any other wheel in the world. It has hollow carbon structure and this is the technology Koenigsegg has been using for more than three years now.

Compared to the aluminum wheels, the carbon-fiber wheel we see here is much lighter, has a far more challenging design and better overall characteristics.

What is interesting is that wheels made from aluminum cannot have design like shown here. The aluminum does not have the necessary strength, or if too much of it would be used, the wheel would become too heavy.

As the Regera is 5 percent heavier at the front compared to the Agera, the front wheels had to be the lightest possible and they are even wider than on other Koenigsegg cars.

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