This KTM 390 Duke Rider Has A Lot Of Luck Or Is It Awesome Skill?

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Trying to merge with slow traffic at speed is the recipe for disaster 9 out of 10 ...

Trying to merge with slow traffic at speed is the recipe for disaster 9 out of 10 times. However, this KTM 390 Duke rider was that 10th case and he managed not to kill himself.

The action seems to happen somewhere in Colombia and according to the video below description, it was early in the morning, and the Duke rider was still sleepy, not noticing how packed the traffic was ahead. Can’t really tell who exactly is to blame here, but obviously, both riders were doing something wrong.

Our main character here was surely going the bit fast for that busy section of the road, and while the other rider simply came into his lane without even checking if it’s clear. The only thing I’m sure of is this rider’s incredible luck and abilities.

The beginner rider would have been deep into target fixation by the point the other rider merged into the same lane, he would have probably crashed into him. But this rider here on the Duke darted past the other careless rider and managed to stay in between the slow moving cars and continue on his way.

Not 10 meters from there, the pedestrian appears from the right side trying to cross the street in front of the large truck, and I bet if the rider had been 3 seconds slower they would have joined paths and crash after all.

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