LAD Makes Possibly The Greatest Ad Ever To Sell His ’96 Suzuki Vitara

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Remember the old Nissan Maxima video from the few years back? It was the hilarious ...

Remember the old Nissan Maxima video from the few years back? It was the hilarious way for its talented owner to list his bucket of the sports sedan for sale.

The ad worked well enough to capture the attention of Nissan, and which promptly bought the vehicle and restored it.

Now there’s the new contender in the crap car sales video world, this might just be the greatest used car advertisement of all time.

A man named Eugene Romanovsky is selling his Suzuki Vitara. It’s the vehicle that seems to have meant the lot to him. That makes sense when you see the sort of adventures the pair have been on together.

And from driving along dinosaurs to exploring the ocean depths and blasting off into space, and this Vitara has been there and done that.

It is automotive adventure vehicle that might as well be nicknamed Forrest Gump because it is clearly an integral part of some of history’s greatest moments.

Did you know that this Vitara helped in the attempt to capture Furiosa? Are you aware that, besides having the automatic windows, this Vitara can run with gazelles?

You are aware of all of this now, so much more. That’s Mr. Romanovsky is excellent at manipulating video, and though he’s not so great at spelling.

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