The LaFerrari FXX K Has The Most Amazing Gearshift Sound In A Modern Car

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To say that the LaFerrari FXX K is more fun to drive than a standard LaFerrari ...

To say that the LaFerrari FXX K is more fun to drive than a standard LaFerrari means simply to acknowledge the connection between this and the Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari F1 car.

In other words, it is, quite simply, the much more advanced machine than a regular LaFerrari, and as you know, there is actually nothing regular about one of the world’s fastest hypercars.

Now, Chris Harris actually drove the LaFerrari FXX K on the very first episode of Top Gear: Series 24, though lucky us, and he also filmed some extra stuff for the Internet, and which we finally get to see here.

So how does Chris Harris feel about this 1,050 PS beast? In short, the little bit weary of its limits. He thinks that the very expensive crash is not out of the question if you push this vehicle more than you should on the track.

Other than that, we are talking tremendous performance and the instant pulling power, regardless of what gear you are in – thanks to the combined peak torque output of 900 Nm (664 lb-ft).

As for a basics, such as steering feel, balance and the downforce (50% improvement in low-drag configuration), let is just say the Top Gear presenter didn’t have any negatives to throw the FXX K’s way.

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