Lambo Huracan Running Costs Are Incredibly Fair (Almost)

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Buying a Lamborghini Huracan is only one art of the “owning supercar” story. The ...

Buying a Lamborghini Huracan is only one art of the “owning supercar” story. The other part is actually maintaining the thing. Well, at least we have thought so, but the reality is somewhat different. Modern cars are usually well-made pieces of engineering which just work, almost all the time. Now, if Corolla stops working then it is not a big deal, but if a Lambo does, it can be a bigger deal than you ever thought possible. Luckily for the Parker from Vehicle Virgins, his recently purchased Huracan actually is not that bad to live with regarding the costs.
In some time since he bought it, he only had to visit the shop once for some kind of brake repair and that was actually caused by some strange reason you will found about in the video. As for the other costs, Parker does mention some other numbers. He averages 12.5 miles per gallon while driving the car rather hard. The Hurricane comes with a three-year unlimited warranty which is actually awesome for people using this car as a daily.
Annual services cost some money too. The Huracan is actually rather fair on that. The Oil Change costs about $1,000. It seems it is a large ripoff, but consider you are driving the Huracan so you have to have 1 grand for oil change no matter what.

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