Lamborghini Pretty Much Confirms A New ‘Ring Record Has Been Set

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With reveal time approaching fast, Lamborghini step ups its teaser game for the ...

With reveal time approaching fast, Lamborghini step ups its teaser game for the upcoming Huracan Performante.

We all knew that a hardcore version of the Huracan will be the really fast machine but it appears that Lamborghini went the extra mile, given it extraordinary speed around the most famous tracks in the world, the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

There is little official information out there yet but thanks to the special preview given to a few selected media outlets, we got to find out the few details about what Lamborghini is cooking.

It’s been reported that the Performante is the lighter by about 90lbs (40kg) from the standard Huracan, of which 25lbs (11kg) came from the use of the new exhaust system and the rest comes from the use of the company’s new forged carbon composite.

The 5.2-litre V10 now makes between 625 to 640 horsepower while the dual-clutch gearbox has been recalibrated for faster shift changes.

Similarly, a suspension has been updated but a real party trick lies into the all-new active aero agenda which adjusts its setup with the use of the electronically controlled motors in order to move the aero elements around faster and more efficiently.

Lamborghini’s people supposedly said that a new Huracan Performante even beat the time set by the Aventador SV around the ‘Ring.

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