Lamborghini SLAYS All Comers @ Insane 2017 Phoenix Street Racing OR Does It?!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

There have been so many awesome cars street racing ...

There have been so many awesome cars street racing in Phoenix, Arizona just this year. Check out this video and watch a Lamborghini Huracan taking on all comers to include a totally tricked out Honda Civic, a GTR with more than 1000 horses under its hood, and oh so much more. Besides being as fast as something that is super fast, that ebony Lambo Huracan is one beautiful ride, eh? And, that Honda Civic is a genuine looker as well. Though I do not drive ‘em, I totally respect ricers that have been converted into some real mean through loads of hard work, love, mechanical skills, and cash. These are some real nice cars being driven aggressively yet in control on the city highways in the dead of the night. Well done!   

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