Lambo’s New Carbon Fiber Speaker Costs More Than Average Sedan

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We have seen carmakers come up with some crazy non-car products to get you to ...

We have seen carmakers come up with some crazy non-car products to get you to spend your money. Well, the Porsche desk chair for example costs almost $7,000, and looks amazing.

Now it is Lamborghini’s turn to try and come up with the product that isn’t a car. We have argued about whether buying the expensive in-car audio system is worth it, and we have also talked about vehicles which fake their exhaust notes through the speakers.

But what if there was the speaker that was actually made out of the exhaust of your vehicle? Lamborghini has teamed up with iXoost to create the Aventador-themed docking station and speaker.

Like the Lamborghini car, the speaker has a monocoque chassis in carbon, the exhaust system with variable aperture to control pressure of the sub woofer, and the passive shock absorber system to dampen vibrations.

The system is called the Esavox, it comes with Bluetooth 4.0 as well as the traditional auxiliary connection. In total, the Esavox puts out 800 watts.

You even get a starter button from an Aventador. Unfortunately, this speaker will set you back $24,000. That is more than the Ford Fiesta ST. That Porsche chair is looking like the pretty fine deal right about now.

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