Lane Valet By Lexus Gives Us A Glimpse Into Incredible Autonomous Future

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As we are getting ever closer to the world of autonomous cars, some companies are ...

As we are getting ever closer to the world of autonomous cars, some companies are taking things even further. Take a look at a Lexus here and their awesome way of dealing with douchebags on the roads. In short – link your own car with their own and then make the car move from one lane to another.

It’s a perfect, absolutely perfect way to deal with people who forget driving norms. So, while one may be able to move the car from the other driver to a different lane, we have to ask ourselves, will we actually be in control of our cars at all!?

Imagine someone hacking the system and moving the cars as they pleased. Creepy and scary. In the video, we can see a handsome fellow driving the fantastic Lexus LC500 and using the feature. Sure, it does not work yet and the question is will it ever, but it does seem interesting.

Lexus calls the technology Lane Valet, giving us a glimpse of what could be. For rich only, of course. After all, you cannot be anybody and drive a magnificent piece of kit that is the Lexus LC500.

Regardless of the Lane Valet, we need this LC500.

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