Large Bentayga Powersliding Its Way To Glory

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Bentley and drifting do not go in the same sentence. SUVs and drift don’t go in ...

Bentley and drifting do not go in the same sentence. SUVs and drift don’t go in the same sentence either. So what about this – Bentley SUV Bentayga just drifted the life out of the Swiss Alps pass. It happened, watch it under.

Powersliding in the behemoth luxury SUV is more than possible. See, despite its insane weight, the thing has a W12 engine with a freaking 600hp. That’s enough for many things. Including drifting and sliding with the four wheel drive on. After all with the power distribution of 40:60, Bentley can send enough power to the back to spin this thing to insanity.

All the power sliding happened at the Pirelli Winter Experience in Sankt Moritz. This guy had a chance to enjoy Bentley’s latest new car. Actually, the Bentayga is Bentley’s first SUV ever.

To make it different from all other, the Brits wanted to make it the fastest machine too. So, they did. It will hit 197 mph which is even faster than what we can expect from the likes of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S or any of the BMW M X-cars.

No wonder then it can do some silly things on snow. Yet, even watching the video, one can see that the Bentayga probably is the most refined thing ever. Even at high RPMs, one cannot hear the rumble of the engine as it could in probably any other high-performance SUV.

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