A Large Truck Loses Control And Slams Into An Electrical Pole

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There is this rule of urban driving some people learn a hard way that says a) you ...

There is this rule of urban driving some people learn a hard way that says a) you should always leave enough space to the vehicle in front for maneuvering and b) scan the rearview mirror in case somebody’s brakes don’t work and, in case it happens, and make good use of that room you saved in front of you.

This is one of those situations where either very careful driving or the simply providence saved the driver of this vehicle from anything that could have ranged from serious injuries to death or at least the hefty repair bill.

Stopped at the intersection and waiting for his turn to continue his commute, the driver notices something happening behind him.

Without lingering too much on what his next move should be, and he moves forward and to his right, getting his vehicle out of harm’s way. Or so he thought.

On the opposite lane, the white BMW 1 Series tries to do the same, but it is too late for it.

This driver should have reversed the hell out of there or… you know, he should have just stayed at home that day. Well, he didn’t, so now he’s got the totaled car and probably a grumpy mood, to say the least.

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