Latest Tesla Model S P100D Races Latest Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

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Seeing the Dodge Hellcat lose to the Tesla Model S became something like an ...

Seeing the Dodge Hellcat lose to the Tesla Model S became something like an everyday story. This Hellcat lover had it enough and decided he needs to teach Tesla a lesson. Two latest cars had a clash at a drag race. 2016 Tesla Model S P100D came stock, with the 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat getting a “radial tire job” before the race.

However, the thing is that Tesla’s all wheel drive system is simply too fast and too “grippy” for almost any other two-wheel drive car out there. Hellcat included. Despite the massive power of its supercharged engine, dual motor setup in the Tesla was a bit too much for the Hellcat.

Although it must be said, that the Dodge put up quite a fight. Tesla driver reaction time was appalling, so the Tesla actually finished second, but it did cover the track in less time than the Dodge.

We won’t tell you the results – consult the video for it, but we will tell you that these two are as fast as supercars and neither of them is one. While the Tesla Model S would lose on a longer track due to slower acceleration at high speed, the quarter of a mile seems to be its specialty.

These two are possibly the latest cars with the latest updates to come from the Tesla Motors and from the FCA. It is quite awesome to see them both using all the power they had.

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