Tug Of War Between Two Classic Riding Mowers Has A Surprise Ending

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Well I don’t know how far men will go with their ideas of battles and this is ...

Well I don’t know how far men will go with their ideas of battles and this is something interesting and hilarious.
It is the lawn mower pull going wrong in all possible ways.

The two lawn mowers in the video below are Allis Chalmers 811 and John Deere 212. So, first we can see the two gentlemen setting up for the pull and right there at the start we can see how one of a lawn mower pulls the other one and flips its together with a gentleman who was operating it.

I don’t know if this was intentionally just to make fun of him and it doesn’t matter the point was proven. So they set up the chain between them and they are ready to start, just by seeing a situation and how they are pulling each other you know right away that something else will happen, at the moment when you thought oh OK let’s see who will win nothing will happen.

So you see the second flip and laugh your heart out because the same guy flips again and I don’t know if that is due to his fit form or maybe his lawn mower wasn’t that strong.

Either way it is the hilarious video and all of it was caught on camera, enjoy and believe me you will+ laugh like crazy!

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