Learn The Difference Between V6 And Straight-Six Engines Today!

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To a non-car enthusiast, a V6 and a straight six engine basically sound like the ...

To a non-car enthusiast, a V6 and a straight six engine basically sound like the same thing. However, there are a lot of differences to be found here, as they practically run on two completely different principles. Nowadays, the straight-six engines are nowhere to be found, but all fans got at least a glimpse of hope when Mercedes recently published they are working on a new 400hp straight-six beast.

Perhaps the very reason for their downfall was in the sheer dimensions, as the straight-six engine takes up a lot of space while also having quite a high center of gravity. Still, they offer excellent balance of power, while being a lot simpler in design and offering easy access for maintenance as well.

Without a doubt, the V6 engines have become dominant today, where the engineers were able to extract mad amounts of power from them by using turbochargers as well as superchargers with this setup. Being more compacted is also of great significance here, but is that the only advantage they possess over the straight-six? Watch the video and find out.

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