Learn How To Dress Up An Engine Straight From Your Garage

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Is there anything better than driving a vehicle which sports a monstrous engine? ...

Is there anything better than driving a vehicle which sports a monstrous engine? While performances are always the most important thing about the engine, some people want their engines to look exquisite as well, and if you’re one of them, we got you covered.

The footage you’re about to check out comes from Youtube channel EricTheCarGuy, and if you know anything about this terrific mechanic, you can already tell that it’s gonna be awesome. Eric is quickly approaching the number of 1 million subscribers, and with videos such as this one, he’s bound to get there extremely fast.

Upon running into a problem with valve covers, Eric went ahead and acquired himself a dress up kit for the entire engine. After some initial alignment problems, he got it all completed, and let me tell you something, this thing became a proper beauty!

To check out the results, click on the video below, and make sure to follow the instructions very carefully. Who knows, it might come in handy one day. Would you ever dress up your ride like this?

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