Learn How To Fix Your Car Using A $15 Borescope

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How many times were you ripped off by your car mechanic? Perhaps you want to take ...

How many times were you ripped off by your car mechanic? Perhaps you want to take matters into your own hands now, but simply don’t know where to start. In case you are having similar problems, we have a solution for you. Just follow the Scotty Kilmer Youtube channel.

We know that there are lots of DIY channels out there, but Scotty has been one of the best in the business for a while now, and he has a fan base to prove it. The instructions he gives are pretty straight forward and easy to follow, so don’t worry, you don’t have to be an engineer to figure it out. Furthermore, the cost savings you are about to witness will be awesome.

On this episode, he will demonstrate how to fix your car using a $15 borescope. These contraptions were quite expensive back in the day, costing up to several thousands of dollars, but can be found now for dirt cheap, and they are still as useful as ever. It has never been easier to find the source of your problems. This little camera does wonders, and it is even adaptable, so you can use it with your Android phone as well. Thanks for this tip, Scotty!

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